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Make WG More Active & Enjoyable

By installing original accessories on WG series’
ActionCam and Digital Cameras,
You will see the Surprisingly Enjoyable World.

WG Helmet Strap Mount

Fixes a camera on a helmet using the strap.

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WG Large Adhesive Mount

Fixes a camera on a surfboard or snowboard with a large contact area.

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WG Wrist Strap Mount

Fixes a camera to the wrist or arm. For surfing, skiing and snorkeling.

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WG Grip Adapter

You are able to shoot by holding WG-M1 with your hand comfortably.

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WG Handle Bar Mount

Fixes a camera by pressing a round rod-like object such as a handle bar.

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WG Suction Cup Mount

Fixes a camera on a car dashboard with the adhesive disk.

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WG Magnet Mount

A camera can be easily fixed with the magnetic power.

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WG Peg Mount

The camera is fixed by inserting this accessory into the ground.

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WG Angle Adapter

The fixing angle can be changed freely.

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WG Flat Adhesive Mount

The mount is fixed on a flat surface with double-stick tape.

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WG Holder

Holder to mount a camera on a dedicated accessory (separately sold)

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