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Optio WG-1 - Description

Major Features

Heavy-duty construction

The Optio WG-1 definetely stands for the ideal choice for those active photographers who shoot pictures in demanding outdoor conditions, thanks to its tough construction:

  • Waterproof to 10 meters
  • Shockproof to 1.5 meters
  • Coldproof to -10°C
  • Crushproof to 100kg


Digital Microscope mode

Combining a macro shooting capability from 1cm away with 5 LED Macro Light and an unique Macro Stand, the Optio WG-1's Digital Microscope mode delivers magnified sharp pictures of the microscopic world.

High image quality

Combining 14 megapixels with a brand-new imaging process and a high-performance PENTAX zoom lens, the Optio WG-1 delivers brilliant, sharp and true-to-life pictures, even when enlarged to poster sizes.

5x wide-angle optical lens

Despite its compact dimensions, PENTAX Optio WG-1 features a 5x wide-angle optical zoom covering focal lengths from 28mm wide angle to 140mm telephoto (in 35mm format). From spectacular landscape to tightly framed snapshots taken from a distance, just catch every detail.

Extra-wide 2.7'' LCD screen

Optio WG-1 features a 16:9 2.7'' monitor which is treated with a special AR (Anti-Reflection) coating to cut the glare of external light and minimize annoying reflections, making it comfortable to check on-screen menus and to monitor recorded images.

HD proportioned movie recording

Capture beautiful, flawless movies at 16:9 HD TV proportions (1280x720 pixels), and easily display them on your TV thanks to the embedded micro-HDMI terminal.

Face Detection and Self-portrait Assist functions

Face Detection function instantly and accurately detects up to 32 faces -even the faces of dogs and cats- then catches them in sharp focus and optimum exposure, to let you make beautiful pictures. The very convenient Self-portrait Assist function use the blink of the LED lights to confirm whether your face is centered in the picture.

Triple anti-shake protection to prevent different types of camera shake

1) Pixel Track SR
When recording still images, Optio WG-1's Pixel Track SR (Shake Reduction) effectively compensates for camera shake by processing affected images.

2) High-Sensitivity anti-shake mode
In low-lighting conditions, the Optio WG-1 automatically raises the sensitivity to as high as ISO 6400, enabling the use a higher shutter speed, which minimizes the effects of camera or subject shake.

3) Movie SR
During movie recording, the Optio WG-1 prevents blurry images by effectively minimizing camera shake through the use of exclusive software.

Other features:

1) Carabiner strap included for hooking the camera to a backpack or other outdoor gear
2) Neoprene cases (available as optional accessories) to protect the camera body from scratches and grime
3) Collage function to compose a single picture from multiple images
4) Ink Rubbing filter to create a monochromatic, high-contrast image from a recorded image
5) Auto Picture mode to automatically select one of the 16 shooting modes for the optimum result
6) 12 digital filters, including a new Miniature filter, to add distinctive visual effects to recorded images
7) Digital Wide function to compose an extra-wide-angle image (equivalent to an image taken with an approx. 21mm lens in 35mm format) from two images
8) MediaImpression 3.0 for PENTAX (Windows version) and MediaImpression 2.1 for PENTAX (Macintosh version) image viewing, editing and filing software included (compatible with latest operation systems, such as Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6)
9) Compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards
10) External storage media is compatible with new SDXC memory card in addition to SD/SDHC memory card (not compatible with UHS speed class)

Copyright pictures : Guillaume ROLLAND, Samuel ASSELIN,

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