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PENTAX K-S2 - Description

Freedom to capture the beauty around you. Get ready to get moving.

A tough body that can venture anywhere with full-featured performance that
expands possibilities. Get ready to experience a new way to enjoy photos with the
Pentax K-S2.

World’s smallest* DSLR with a weather-resistant
and dustproof construction and vari-angle LCD

Superb performance and image quality so you
never miss the beauty of the outdoors.

Enjoy sharing more easily with Wi-Fi and NFC.

The smallest size in its class is achieved at
an approximate width of 122.5 mm and thickness
of approximately 72.5 mm. Despite this size,
it features a weather-resistant and dustproof
construction and avari-angle LCD monitor for
shooting with any framing.*On DSLR cameras with
a dust and weather-resistant construction.
Current as of February 1, 2015.

All aspects of this model have been thoroughly
considered to achieve a true DSLR form and they
have been polished to bring out their true
strengths, from the approximate 100% viewfinder
coverage of the optical viewfinder, to the high-
performance autofocus for easy shooting of
moving subjects and in dark situations, and
the AA-filter-free design giving absolute
priority to image quality.

This model is Wi-Fi ready. With the dedicated
smartphone app, you can shoot remotely,
transfer and view images, and upload to social
networking services from the palm of your hand.
In addition, you can pair your NFC compatible
smartphone with it just by waving your
smartphone over the camera.


Superb performance that lets you capture moving moments exactly as you see them.

smc PENTAX-DA L 18-50mm F4-5.6 DC WR RE
Aperture : F11; Shutter speed : 1/250sec. ;
Exposure compensation : -1.7EV ;
Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance : Daylight ;
Custom image : Landscape

Compose and focus exactly the way you want.

Optical viewfinder with approx. 100% field of view

This camera is equipped with a glass pentaprism optical viewfinder. The 0.95x viewfinder magnification* and approximate 100% viewfinder coverage is now achieved. With this feature, checking focus and composition is easy and you can shoot with focus on the subject.


Camera shake is effectively reduced for any lens attached to the camera.

1=CMOS Sensor

In-body shake reduction (SR)

This camera employs the original shake reduction (SR) mechanism. It effectively reduces camera shake with all lenses, from ultra-wide angle to super-telephoto. Using SR with an image stabilization effect of 3.5 stops*1, the camera automatically applies horizontal correction*2 for countering minute horizontal tilting that occurs when pressing the shutter button. It is also equipped with a DR (Dust Removal) cleaning function that uses high-speed SR vibration to remove dust from the image sensor.

* Complies with CIPA standards (Uses f = 135mm,smc PENTAX DA18-135mm F3.5-5.6ED AL [IF] DC WR)
* The maximum angle that can be corrected is ±1.5 when SR is off and ±1 when SR is on.

Perfect in the dark and when shooting moving subjects.
The high-precision AF system.

This camera is equipped with the SAFOX X AF system. In addition to a high-sensitivity AF sensor that is perfect for shooting in the dark, it is equipped with a diffractive lens in the optical system. Chromatic aberrations are kept to an absolute minimum and focus detection accuracy is increased. Algorithms are used to increase AF speed even further.

Fast AF performance even in dark scenes.
-3EV low-luminance AF

By using a high-sensitivity AF sensor, the AF low-luminance limit is expanded to -3EV (9 center sensors). This enables accurate AF even in dark locations and reduces the effects of bright sections in backlit conditions for accurate capturing of low-contrast subjects.

Accurately capture the subject you’re aiming for.
11 sensor (9 cross-type sensors) AF system

The 11 AF sensor points let you freely compose shots. Nine of these points are
cross-type sensors that make it easier to catch subjects. The center AF points make
it possible to focus in the most difficult situations, such as when using a large-
diameter lens with a narrow depth of field.

Use AF sensors over a wide area to capture moving subjects.
Expanded Area AF

When using Expanded Area AF, surrounding AF sensors will automatically be used
even if the subject moves away from the selected AF sensor points. This technology
lets you continuously capture moving subjects.

*Nine cross-type sensors () are positioned in the middle.
*In addition to Auto (11 points), there are other AF area selections such as Auto (5
points), Select, Expanded Area AF (during Continuous AF only), and Spot.

The AF sensor points move with the subject (superimpose moves as well).


Capture lively, split-second subject movement.

1/6000 sec. high-speed shutter

This camera is equipped with a 1/6000 sec. high-speed shutter. With it, you
can capture split-second movements of active subjects in sharp detail.

Use continuous shooting and select the best shot afterward.

Approx. 5.5 fps high-speed continuous shooting

Up to approximately 5.5 fps high-speed continuous shooting is possible.
Because the movement and expression that changes
from moment to moment is captured continuously without missing a shot,
you can select the best shot afterward.

Quickly control the depth of field and sense of movement.

Double e-dials

The camera body is equipped with two e-dials; one on the front and one on the rear. With the Pentax-original Hyper Control System, each of those dials can be used to instantly reflect the aperture and shutter speed, making quick exposure settings possible while looking through the viewfinder.

Quickly activate the function you want.

Shooting modes

The mode dial is equipped with a full lineup of shooting modes.
Two USER Modes are also available to register
frequently-used settings for easy activation at any time.

Easy-to-carry compact size.

World’s slimmest* standard zoom lens

Shooting mode AUTO: (Auto Picture Mode), P: (Program), Sv: (Sensitivity
Priority), Tv: (Shutter Priority), Av: (Aperture Priority), TAv: (Shutter &
Aperture Priority), M: (Manual), B: (Bulb), U1: (USER Mode 1), U2: (USER
Mode 2), A-HDR: (Advanced HDR Mode), SCN: (Scene Mode)

The zoom lens part of the kit lens lineup is kept to 41mm when
retracted, thanks to the newly-developed lens barrel mechanism.
It has a focal length of 27.5 to 76.5mm (35mm equivalent). The
camera is easy to take with you when this lens is attached, and
the in-lens DC motor drive makes AF operation silent. It also
features the same weather-resistant construction as the camera

Never worry about sudden rain or outdoor conditions.

Weather-resistant/dustproof body

A weather-resistant/ dustproof construction was employed for shooting outdoors. Sealing was used on 100 different locations, including buttons, dials, and covers, to prevent rain, water droplets, sand, and dust from getting into the camera.

Aperture : F10; Shutter speed : 1/200sec. ; Exposure
compensation : +1.0EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White
balance :AWB ; Custom image : Landscape

Uncompromising commitment to image quality.
Capture high definition shots of any scene.

Sharp resolution with a low-pass filterless design.

20M CMOS image sensor

The effective pixels of this camera are approx. 20.12 megapixel. To give further priority to resolution, it does not use an AA-filter. This enables capturing the finest details for expressing the beautiful imaging performance through colors with a sense of transparency.

Original technology significantly reduces false colors and moiré

AA (anti-aliasing) Filter Simulator

The AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator is the technology using shake reduction (SR) mechanism that achieves the same effect as an optical AA filter. The image sensor is driven in minute increments during exposures to significantly reduce false colors and moiré. This single camera has the benefit of two: one equipped with an AA-filter and one without an AA-filter.

*Sufficient effects are obtained when shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1/1000 sec. This function cannot be used when taking “HDR” photos.

Advanced image processing for natural colors and high definition.


The latest original PRIME M II imaging engine is used on this camera. Together with the high-performance sensor, beautiful depiction with minimal roughness, transparent colors and a natural sense of details is possible even at high ISO sensitivity.

Maximize lens performance.
Diffraction Correction, Lens Correction, Color Fringe Correction, and Color moiré Correction

The camera corrects various issues such as distortion and color bleeding due to lens characteristics, loss of peripheral light, and loss of resolution due to stopping down the aperture. A higher level of digital image quality is achieved through Color Fringe Correction during RAW development and Color Moiré Correction when editing images.

A more natural and realistic finish. Clarity Enhancement

Clarity Enhancement, the Ricoh-original image processing technology, is designed to fit human visual characteristics for imaging with a three-dimensional feel.
This technology gives images the finest textures overflowing with realism.

The photo is an image

Clarity Enhancement off

Clarity Enhancement on

Excellent image quality with minimal noise even in dark scenes.
Maximum ISO 51200

The high-performance CMOS image sensor and imaging engine make the ultra-high sensitivity of Maximum ISO 51200 possible. Noise is minimized even in dark locations for shooting without a tripod or flash.

The camera automatically determines settings even in scenes where the exposure is difficult.

77 Multi-segment metering

The screen is split into 77 segments for detailed contrast metering. The total exposure is then determined based on information such as subject position and distance. The correct exposure can be obtained even in backlit situations or scenes with a high amount of contrast.
* Center-weighted and spot metering are also available.

HD PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm F4.5-5.6 ED DC AW
Aperture : F5.6; Shutter speed : 1/25sec. ; Exposure compensation : ±0.0EV ;
Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance : AWB ; Custom image : Bright

Picking up this camera will revolutionize how you enjoy photos.

Experience a new level of freedom in shooting.

Vari-angle LCD monitor

This camera is equipped with a vari-angle LCD monitor, so you can freely adjust the angle in any way. Expand the possibilities of Live View shooting by stretching your arms to shoot from a high angle, and getting down low to approach the subject from a low angle. The Electronic Level can also be displayed on the monitor, giving you an objective viewpoint when checking the tilt of the composition.

High visibility even outdoors. Air gapless LCD monitor

The space between the LCD panel and protective cover is filled with a special resin for an air gapless LCD monitor. This construction removes light reflection from in the space, improving visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. By further adding white pixels to RGB, the screen display is sharp and bright. The screen is a large 3.0 inches, and at an aspect ratio of 3:2 (the same as images), you can view images at full size on the screen.

Improved visibility (comparison of sunlight reflection)

           Air gapless construction

1=LCD 2=Acrylic 3=Reinforced glass 4=Air 5=Resin

                 Previous monitor                                 Air gapless LCD monitor

Internal reflection is suppressed using a special resin with a refractive
index close to that of glass. It improves visibility and shuts out dust.

Send photos to your smartphone. Wi-Fi ready

This camera is compatible with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) so you can wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet. Import images on the spot so you can enjoy them right then and there.

Simply wave your smartphone over the camera to import. NFC ready

This camera is NFC (Near Field Communication) ready,
so you can simply wave your smartphone over it to
communicate. Simply touch an NFC-ready smartphone
to the camera body to pair the two devices for easy
photo transfer and remote shooting functionality.

More easily shoot, view and share

“Image Sync” dedicated app

The newly developed “Image Sync” app expands the fun of using a smartphone and camera together. You can control shooting from the palm of your hand, and adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity. You can also view images on your smartphone and upload your favorites to social networking services.

   This app is a free download, available from the App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android).

*For details on supported iOS and Android OS, visit our website or contact your nearest service center.

Remote operation from your smartphone.
Remote shooting

You can remotely operate the camera from a smartphone or tablet. Operate the shutter while viewing the Live View image in the palm of your hand and view images.

Use image creation functions for more individual movies. Full HD movie

You can utilize the advantage of the SLR that you can interchange with various lenses to capture charming Full HD movies. You also can use the electronic shake reduction and digital filters when recording movies as well. These features result in movies with both a personality of their own and excellent image quality.

Excellent sound even with an external
connection. External mic support

In addition to stereo audio recording with the
built-in microphone, a commercially-available
external microphone can also be attached for
stereo recording.
This is especially effective for capturing videos
with immersive sound.

Easily capture time-lapse movies.
4K Interval Movie Record

Connect still images captured over a certain interval
to create a single movie file. You can then view
subjects moving quickly during replay. Full HD, HD,
and 4K (3840x2160) recording sizes are available.

Capture star trails in dreamlike movies.
Star Stream movie shooting

You can record the light trails of stars in a night
sky and illuminations using 4K Interval Movie
Record. When combined with the Fade-out
function, a dreamlike movie is created.

*When playing back a 4K Interval Movie Record, be
sure to use a computer environment that can play
back 4K movies.

Enjoy astrophotography and record location information.
GPS unit compatible

This camera is compatible with the high-performance O-GPS1 clip-on type GPS unit (optional). You can record the latitude and longitude along with shooting data, along with displaying the accurate direction from an electronic compass. This accessory is also useful for astrophotography. With it you can calculate the movement of celestial bodies, letting you capture beautiful still images of stars as points of light.

This model is equipped with a dedicated button for self portraits.
Take self portraits

If you point the lens toward yourself, swivel the LCD monitor, and switch to Live View shooting, the new self portrait shutter button light begins to glow. Then you can use the other button which is in a position where it is easier to press, and you can shoot holding the camera with one hand.

smc PENTAX-DA L 18-50mm F4-5.6 DC WR RE
Aperture : F4.0; Shutter speed : 1/50sec. ; Exposure compensation : ±0.0EV ;
Sensitivity : ISO 1600 ; White balance : Multi Auto White Balance ; Custom image : Cross Processing

Make it your very own. Expand your possibilities of expression in a various way with creative functions.

Enjoy finishes that feel like you’re
changing the film type. Custom Image

Custom Image gives you the ability to obtain your ideal colors and tones in shots. Eleven different options are available, and parameters such as the saturation, hue, key, and contrast can be freely adjusted. Enjoy imaging expressions that are entirely your own.

*The parameters that can be adjusted differ depending on the Custom Image option.


Produce fun photos with an artistic sensibility. Digital Filter

Digital Filter gives you the ability to produce dramatic and unique expressions. In addition to adjusting effects, you can apply up to 20 different processes.

Replace color

Leave difficult scenes up to the camera. Scene Mode

With this function, the camera automatically controls settings to perfectly match the scene. There are a total of 19 difference scenes, including Forest and Food.


HDR has renewed to produce more picturesque creations.

A-HDR mode

In addition to usual HDR photography, A-HDR mode (Advanced HDR mode) with the benefits of Clarity Enhancement technology is equipped. You can capture photos with a more dramatic finish than ever.

Enjoy more freedom in photos. Versatile drive functions

This model is equipped with a variety of drive functions for expanding the possibilities of expression. Enhanced features such as multi-exposure and post-shooting image compositing are available.


You can shoot any number of images from 2 to 2,000, and composite them to form a single image. You can choose various composite modes such as Average, for an average exposure amount, Additive, for adding exposure, and Bright, for compositing the bright parts of the image.

Interval Shooting/ Composite

The camera automatically shoots for a specified interval. This feature is perfect for capturing slow changes in a subject. You can select the shooting interval or shooting standby time as well as more advanced settings. This model is also equipped with Interval Composite for merging all of these recorded images into a single photo.

Continuous shooting compatible self-timer

The self-timer is compatible with continuous shooting. Capture some continuous shots with friends and then choose the best expression from among them afterward.

Other Functions

In-camera RAW processing

Process and adjust parameters using only the camera.

Buffer RAW save

Save the final data when shooting JPEGS in RAW format.

Built-in flash

Supports red-eye reduction and slow-speed sync.

Dynamic Range Settings

(Highlight Correction/Shadow Correction)
Effectively suppresses overexposure and underexposure.

High-ISO Noise Reduction

This reduces noise when shooting at high ISO speeds.

Auto Picture mode

Simply press the shutter button to capture beautiful photos.

Digital Camera Utility 5

Put high-grade finishing touches on
images with this included software.

This included software lets you process
RAW data as well as save JPEG and TIFF
formats. This software uses the popular
SILKYPIX® engine. With this, you can take
your time to add the perfect finishing touches
to your creations.

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