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Optio VS20 - Description

On  top of his optical 20x zoom wide-angle (from 28 to 560mm), the Optio VS20 offer a second release shutter button on the side. This will definitively help for the portrait pictures.

The Optio VS20 is filled of the latest technologies, like one of the lastest generation of 16MP sensor for exceptionnal sharpness, a 20X optical zoom, and a large 3" coloured LCD screen. It also benefits of a new mode for low light conditions, offering less noise and better sharpness.

Thanks to its high level performances, the Optio VS20 the ideal compact camera for everyday pictures but also for travelling and sports images. 

20X optical zoom for an exceptionnal versatility


Ideal for any kind of pictures you want to take, the range of this optical zoom (28-560mm) can cover nearly everything. On top of it, it also offers a 1cm macro mode and a "smart zoom" function which allows to extend the focal lenght to 4032mm, passing for 20 to 144x zoom !

Dual release shutter button

Dual shutter buttons

The Optio VS20 has a second release shutter button with the zoom ring on the right side of the camera. This second button guaranty the best confot for vertical shooting. On top of this button, the body of this compact is equipped with a second screw hole on the left side to be able to use the camera on a tripod on the portrait mode.

Three stabilization systems for incredible sharp images

The Optio VS20 offers three stabilization in order to offer sharp images in any case : 

  1. Sensor shake reduction
    This system compensate the camera's vibrations by moving the sensor on the opposite side of the sensor.
  2. Numerical stabilization
    In order to reduce the risk of blured images, the Optio VS20 rise the sensitivty up to ISO 6400 to offer a faster shutter speed.
  3. Stabilization on video mode
    During the recording of a video, the numerical stabilization compensate the vibration of the camera to offer sharp images.

Auto Picture Mode

The Optio VS20 has a built-in recognition system which will automatically detect which scenes mode to use. The camera then selects the best settings in order to offers the best results, with, for the user, a minimum effort. 15 scene modes are preselected, like for example "Forest" or "Sunset".

New scene modes and creatives filters for always more creativity

The new scene modes of the Optio VS20 are "Fish Eye", "Sketches", "Handheld night snap". These modes will offer the best results for such specific conditions.

Better face recognition system

The face recognition system of the Optio VS20 has once again been improved. You can now save a face in the system and later on, the camera will recognize this face and make the focus on it.

Other advanced function are built-in the Optio VS20, such as the smile detection which release the shutter and also the blinking detection.

HD video with direct access button

The Optio VS20 allows to record HD (1280 x 720 pixels) videos. On top, you can now access the video mode from any other mode thanks to the dedicated button on the back of the camera. In order not to limit the user in its creativity, the scene mode "Fish Eye", "Sketch" and "Miniature" are also available on the video mode.

3" LCD screen

The 3" LCD screen of the Optio VS20 offers a resolution of 460,000 pixels. Thanks to its brightness, it allows beautiful playback of the pictures and easy access to the menus. The screen received a specific AR (Anti-Reflection) treatment to reduce the light reflection.

The screen is also equipped of latest technologies to help photo shooting, tools such as the screen grid and digital level.

The Optio VS20 will be available in shops from March 2012.

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