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GRD IV - Overview

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The compact expert camera

  • 10 MP sensor
  • 3" LCD screen
  • Fixed focal lens 28mm F/1.9

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This camera has the reflexes of a professional photographer

Hybrid autofocus system.

The GR DIGITAL IV employs a hybrid autofocus system that combines an external auto focus with a conventional contrast autofocus system. It is newly equipped with an external autofocus sensor developed in-house that allows for high-speed, high-precision distance calculations for up to 190 points. The camera needs as little as 0.2 seconds for the autofocus to adjust, approximately half the time for the GR DIGITAL III. The scan area for contrast autofocusing is limited so the external autofocus sensor can adjust the focus even if you do not half-press the shutter-release button, allowing for more rapid focus adjustments than previous models. Improvements to the algorithm have increased the speed—as much as doubled it—even for macro autofocusing that uses only the contrast autofocus system.

Ricoh's original quick snap mode, enhanced by external autofocus.

We have added a Snap mode in which you set the focus at a preset distance, so you can take photos with a time lag we have cut thoroughly. One of the focus distances you can choose from on the GR DIGITAL IV is Auto. This permits very fast, very precise focus adjustments made by the external autofocus sensor alone. You can take photos without having to worry about the distance to the subject. Using Full Press Snap, the camera rapidly calculates the distance using the hybrid autofocus if you pause with the shutter-release button pressed halfway, and using only the external autofocus if the shutter release is pressed all the way down in one motion. High-precision focusing has been added to the GR's characteristic quick shooting functionality.  * The focus distances that can be chosen with Snap and Full Press Snap are Auto, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2.5 m, 5 m, and ∞.
* The distance information calculated by the external autofocus sensor can also be displayed on the monitor.

New function: AF Continuous Shooting.

While the shutter-release button is pressed, the camera can take a series of photos while adjusting its focus on the subject using the external autofocus. The camera also still provides set-focus continuous shooting, S-Cont (stream continuous) shooting, and M-Cont (memory-reversal continuous) shooting.

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Type - Camera Type Compact digital camera
Sensor - Type CCD
Sensor - Effective Pixels

approximately 10.0 megapixels

Body - Height 5.9 cm
Body - Width 10.4 cm
Body - Depth 2.8 cm
Body - Weight 190 (body only), 219g (loaded & ready)

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