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WG Angle Adapter O-MA1532 - Overview

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WG Angle Adapter


Accessory that can expand the shooting range by combining this adapter with various mounts.



The target area for photographing can be expanded by combining this adapter with various mounts.

Applicable Models

WG-M1 WG-4 WG-3 WG-2 WG-1 WG-30 WG-20 WG-10


● Size of Contact Area: 43 mm x 39 mm

Installation Method

1 Remove the camera platform provided with the separately sold WG Mount and attach the required number of WG Angle Adapters on WG Mount. 2 To WG Angle Adapter, attach WG-M1 or WG Holder on which the camera is set.

When WG series camera, excluding WG-MI, is used:

Since WG series cameras, excluding WG-M1, cannot be fixed, always mount a camera to the separately sold "WG Holder O-CH1470" before attaching the camera.

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